Legal services, areas of work

The legal services of attorney Jurij Kutnjak, Maribor, Slovenia primarily relate to legal areas and representation in civil, criminal, labor and social, and administrative procedures, as well as legal advice and representation in out-of-court procedures.

The lawyer's service refers to, for example:

Civil Law: preparation of contracts, damage claims, real estate law, family law, inheritance law, and debt collection.

Criminal Law: defence of defendants in criminal proceedings, representation of victims and injured parties.

Commercial Law: establishment of companies, due diligence, insolvency and restructuring procedures,

Labor and Social Law: conclusion and termination of employment relationships, wage claims, claims related to social insurance

Administrative Law: representation in administrative procedures, public procurement, tax, construction, and customs matters.

Clients, who we represent

Attorney Jurij Kutnjak represents domestic and foreign individuals, and legal entities. He operates in Slovenian, German, English, and Croatian language.

The activity of the law office is not limited only to north-eastern Slovenia; Attorney Jurij Kutnjak represents clients from the entire area of Slovenia and abroad, before district and circuit courts in the Republic of Slovenia and before administrative bodies.

Working method - Contact

For the first contact and presentation of your case, call +386 (0)2 25-23-780, in urgent cases also +386 41 262 575, or send an e-mail to

You will arrange for the first consultation with the Attorney Jurij Kutnjak, at which you will obtain all necessary information and brief legal advice, after which you can decide on possible further representation.

On a letter by email, you will receive a response in approximately 24 hours. Further communication and consultation can also take place via digital media (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams), but for a concrete answer and legal advice, a comprehensive presentation of the case and usually personal contact with the client is required.

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